About Sarah-Lambert Cook


To be an artist is to be an explorer... 

Sarah-Lambert Cook is definitely both. From early on she was whisked about America in her family's Dodge Caravan (you know, those ones that will never die and you still see hobbling down interstates from time to time). She moved from state to state and loved every minute of it. At 22, she was able to jump on the magical early days of Etsy and supported her family (man + puppy) in the beautiful mountains of Asheville, NC painting watercolor miniatures and making unique pendants with them.

After a few years, she found herself moving to Germany following her husband's career. For three years, she explored as much of Europe by Mini Cooper as possible. 

It's fair to say that for Sarah-Lambert, life is an adventure. This is the energy she brings to her illustrations. Driven by burning curiosity about the cultures and history of the world and inspired by her travels, the common theme running throughout is a spirit of exploration. From prints of her work to Travel Bingos to help make your own travels even more fun, Sarah-Lambert's sense of wanderlust finds its way into everything. 


Sarah-Lambert spends most of her days with her dog, George, and husband, Jordan, illustrating stories from her life and travels for her blog, 'Field Notes' and 'Field Sketches,' at www.PenLensPaintbrush.com.


Follow the adventure 

and go have one yourself! 



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